Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We're Pre-Approved!

What a day!  We went over to meet with our Camping World salesman, Steven, today.  We finished the day knowing we were pre-approved and have a motor home on hold!  Everything changed today.  The motorhome we had our eye on in Utah sold last night.  Gone were the Itasca Meridian 40U dreams ... Instead we went out to Wood Village to check out a Winnebago Journey 42E.  Winnebago is to Itasca what GMC is to Chevy.  We got a really great deal on one of the last of the 2012 models available.  I was afraid it just wasn't going to live up to my Itasca 40U dreams, but it did - in fact, it surpassed them!

Our 2012 Winnebago Journey 42E
The highlight of the day was going for a ride out to Rooster Rock in the gorge on a test drive.  At the park, Steven showed us all the features around the outside of the motorhome.  The whole thing just blew me away!  We got to practice taking tight corners.  It's surprisingly easy to drive -- much less overwhelming when you're in the driver's seat than when standing outside next to it!  So much fun!

This interior picture is not actually OUR motorhome, but from a brochure.  The furniture is accurate, but our cabinetry is lighter in color - called Honey Cherry.  I believe this picture shows a darker cherry.  But the floor is the same, and the leather the same.  See what I mean about it being a real home - actually a step up from our current house!  Wish we could have you all over ... perhaps we'll have an open house one day?

Yes, our motorhome even has an outside television.  Can't imagine we'll be using it much ... but I've learned never to say never!  That's my Steve with our favorite salesman, Steven.  He was great to work with -- have I mentioned how God brought us a believer for a salesman?  Didn't know that when we met him at the RV show.  He even attends our church - same service.  Yet we'd never met until the RV Show in March.  We'll share more about the motorhome later.

Steve and I continued this year's tradition of celebrating each milestone with a turkey burger at Red Robin's.  We didn't get home until closer to 8:30pm.  We needed some food - fast!

So, the adventure continues.  Next task is to start selling the larger items in our home and continuing the down-sizing task in general.  Also we haven't yet learned how to get into the motorhome from our house, since we won't pay for the motorhome until the house closes...  I'm sure there's a way, we just don't know how it'll happen yet.  Also we need a mailing address for when we don't live here any longer.  We've learned there's a mail forwarding business based in Lincoln City.  Since we plan to keep an Oregon address for the present time, we might be making a trip down to visit them.  I'll write on that decision item later!  For now, I hope to get a second good night's sleep!

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