Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Waiting at the Library

It’s just after noon on Wednesday.  Steve, Parsley and I are hanging out in the Rendezvous in the parking lot at the Main Branch of the Hillsboro Library, which just happens be located about a mile or so down the road from our house. We’re killing time again while someone is checking out our house.  It’s only our second official showing, apart from the Realtor Open House yesterday, but we’re beginning to establish a routine. Steve did the floors; I wiped counters and polished sinks, etc.  Not such a big deal today.  We both slept a little longer, which couldn’t hurt anything …

 It’s nice to get away from the house for awhile.  Even Parsley seems to be enjoying it.  Right now she is perched on top of her carrier, watching the wind moving the leaves in the trees, seeing the occasional car drive by us, etc.  She hasn’t spotted the ducks down by the water yet.  Perhaps she only notices things that are closer to her?  Another car just pulled in next to us, and a smaller dog got out of the car.  She’s not hiding – but trying to smell him through the small opening in the window.  Steve thinks she figures she could take the dog if she needed to.  I have to agree.  She’s smart and fast.  Unfortunately, perhaps, she doesn’t have front claws, so she’d have to take him with her teeth …
I searched on the Internet this morning, looking for Wi-Fi hot spots in the area.  I learned there is one here at the Hillsboro Library, and one at the Starbucks near our local Costco.   We imagined we’d hang out – surf the web, read books, or whatever.  Seems we’re too far away in the parking lot to use the Wi-Fi.  The signal just isn’t reaching us well enough.  That’s alright.  I can write on my blog!
We got a report this morning from the realtor who visited our house Monday.  Our realtor passes this information back to us via an Internet link.  We love that we get to see what she sees.  This realtor reports her clients LOVED the house, but she found it to be overpriced compared to the comps in our neighborhood.  Duh!  We already know it doesn’t stand up to the comps.  That’s because none of the comps (comparables) actually compare to our house!  We just have lots and lots of upgrades.  The realtor report said they were considering an offer, but didn’t want to put one in if we aren’t “motivated”.  I believe that means if we aren’t prepared to sell the house cheaply …  In that case, I guess we aren’t motivated -- yet!  It’s funny how we are picking up all this realtor stuff so quickly.  Truly, we don’t intend to get rich selling our house, or we certainly would not be selling it now, during the market slump.  We aren’t asking for a price even close to what we purchased this house for six years ago at the peak of the real estate market.  We’re fortunate to not owe a lot on the house, which gives us more leeway in our pricing.  However, we certainly would like to get someone willing to pay a reasonable price as soon as possible, so we can get on with the next chapter of our life.
We’ve discussed whether or not there is a price that could be the line by which we would know this is simply not the right time to sell this house.  We know there has to be, and we would assume if it won’t sell for less than that amount, it would be God telling us “no”, or at least to “wait”.  We’ll cross that bridge if/when we get there.  Once again, we cannot look down the road very far.  I believe this is an exercise in trusting God day by day.  There’s no certainty for the day after today.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.  [Matt 6:36]
We got back to the house about 1:15 this afternoon to find the viewers were still here.  We hid down at the end of our lot, under the flowering cherry trees, until we saw the white car from our driveway drive down the road and around the corner.  As we went around turning back off all the lights (we’re supposed to turn all the lights on so the house shows nice and brightly) I saw the white car return and pull into our driveway!  I panicked for a moment.  Then I remembered --  I live here!  I told Steve if they came to the door to welcome them in.  They didn’t.  Perhaps they saw me in the kitchen window and knew it was too late.  Still, I feel bad that they didn’t get enough time.  Hopefully they’ll ask our realtor about anything they missed.  We’ll look forward to seeing the report they give our realtor later.  We’re still hopeful that there is a good buyer out there!

Our realtor said another realtor had contacted her having a cash-paying client who was very interested in the RV parking.  We have yet to get a call from that realtor, so we don’t know what’s going on there.  Perhaps tomorrow?

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