Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hair Cut & Great Advice!

I'm always happy when it's time to get my hair cut, as it usually has begun to be more work than I like.  I go to a little shop over in Cedar Mill, on Barnes Rd.  I see "Y", who was a recommendation from Maurine & JoAnne, friends from church.  I liked her from day 1.  Best I can tell, she's not a believer, but she happens to be a very wise woman, in my humble opinion.  I like her a lot.  She's down to earth - doesn't waste a lot of time wishing for the "extras" of life.  She's content with what she's got, enjoys her job and the people she meets through it.  She has that knack where she can cut through the "stuff" and see what's really important.  That's what she did for me this morning.

Naturally, she asked me what's going on.  She receives her updates every 5 weeks at my appointments.  I believe she truly cares and enjoys hearing the latest.  I explained we'd sold the house over the weekend and were now deeply entrenched in the details, and not necessarily certain which thing should happen first, etc.  She asked me questions - were family and friends settling in with the idea?  Yes.  Am I a little scared, or just excited?  Just excited and impatient to some degree.  We chatted about the various aspects of our move - how Steve and I feel quite certain this is meant to be the life for us, knowing there's always a risk, but knowing it's worth taking.  She shared how she's different from her parents and one sibling in her ability to find contentment with not so much change.  She referred to her parents as gypsies - always moving and changing.  She didn't get that gene.  But she knows who she is.  She said we know who we are too.  I agreed.  I think we'd know if this wasn't a good thing for us.  Yet I feel confident.

When my hair was all fixed up the way she likes it, she made one last statement to me:  "You guys need to go out there and pick up that motorhome - Utah is the closest."

Wisdom from the ages!  It was just what I needed to hear.  The next thing is finding out if there's a motorhome out there for us now, or how soon we can get one later.  If it's not going to be available for a while, then I can aim toward living in the 5th wheel for a while.  I can do that.  If the motorhome is available - from wherever it comes from - then I'll know how to proceed in that direction.  Everything else should fall in line behind that.

I think God speaks through whomever He wants to, and today it was Y.  I came home and shared her wisdom with Steve and he even agreed.  I called and left a message for our Camping World RV Salesman, Steven, and will wait to hear from him.  We had to start somewhere!

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