Friday, May 25, 2012

Subway Parking Lot & Wheelchair Access

Another showing (Thursday)!  This one is looking for a wheelchair accessible property.  I explained there is one step into and out of every door in the house.  Apparently that isn't a problem - they have a portable ramp.  I figured the bathrooms wouldn't work, but they didn't necessarily view that as a deal breaker, at least initially.  We've only had a wheelchair in this house once when my Aunt Dixie Lee came for Easter a year ago.  I remember the guys almost dumped her out of her chair as they tried to take her outside to the back patio, facing forward.  We thought we'd lose her on her first visit!  As it turned out, it was also her last visit, as she passed away this last year.  We're glad we got to spend that time with her.

Today's showing is just another example of how much you don't know about potential buyers.  It will be fun to see who decides our home should be their home!

Steve, Parsley and I decided to have dinner at our local Subway this evening.  My meal plan didn't really accommodate a quick re-heat after returning to the house.  I really am trying to avoid eating out - especially fast food.  It's worked well when viewings are during lunch time.  Today was the first time our dinner time was interrupted.  I'll have to think of some good options for very quick dinners.  We decided Subway was the better of several "evils".

Parsley appeared to just be glad to go along for a ride again today..  This was her fourth day in a row to go with us.  I half expected her to begin hiding from us when she sees us cleaning up the house.  Not so far.  Once again, she was happy to sit on top of her carrier and watch people and cars.  I guess it's new programming for her - a nice break from squirrels and birdies.  She's become aware that when we back into the garage and close the garage doors that she's home and gets to go back in the house.  I remember my long-time cat, Willi, knew when we got within a mile or so from home.  These cats have a sense of home.

We are counting our blessings that we have people interested enough to come check out our house!However, it'd be nice to get an offer on the house soon. One showing a day hasn't been a major pain, but we imagine we'll be getting tired of this everyday thing soon.  Perhaps it will be slow over the weekend with the Memorial Day holiday.  Though we've been told to expect a showing tomorrow from a local realtor.  We'll just keep rolling with the punches!

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