Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hungarian Mushroom Soup & the Realtor Open House

I failed to mention that our realtor, Barbara, had an open house on Tuesday.  She said it went well.  At least two Realtors mentioned having clients they thought would be interested.  All comments were positive.  However several had mentioned that though the price was accurate, it might be difficult to get an appraisal to support it.  We knew that, and are willing to take the chance.

If I understand right, the way this becomes an non-issue is if we get a buyer that either is paying cash, or one that won't be financing the full amount.  Then the lender doesn't have to insure the full value that the buyers agree to pay.  I know our realtor said a cash-paying buyer would solve the problem.

Have I mentioned how much we are enjoying our realtor - Barbara Nelson?  Here's yet another example of why we know she is the realtor meant for us:  She made Hungarian Mushroom Soup for the realtor open house!  The woman cooks!  No dry sandwich arrangement, with a Safeway fruit plate here.  Since I happen to love cooking and value the home-cooked meal, this makes me happy.  In fact, she brought a container of soup for Steve and I.  I found the treasure in our refrigerator after the open house.  We had it for lunch yesterday and it was yummy!  I went online and found the recipe - actually several versions.  I plan to make it myself one of these days soon.  Though there are high fat versions of the recipe available, it doesn't need to be.  A bit of butter to saute in, and a whole bunch of mushrooms, chicken broth, milk, paprika, dill, sour cream .... makes me want a bowl for breakfast!  Since Steve has a need for "meat" each meal, I think it'd be easy to throw in some leftover chicken meat.  Once I try making the soup, I will share the recipe on Facebook.

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