Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Sold!

We are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that our house has been SOLD!  A woman from California, who's daughter will be attending college in Forest Grove purchased it.  We've been told the patio with water feature in the back is what really did it for her.  I'm so happy to know that someone else will enjoy it as we have.  I wondered if I might feel just a bit sad, but honestly, we are still focused on this next adventure and the joy it will bring.  I still have this imagined dream moment where we wake up in our yet imagined motorhome.  It's quiet and we drink freshly brewed coffee in our living area and realize we made it...  Ahhhhhh!   I told you I have a rich fantasy life!

In the present, I am finding my mind is swimming with, "what do we do next??"  I wrote down 8-10 possibilities last night before going to sleep:  Call RV salesman - need to start looking for the right RV!; call financial advisor with update; cancel the furnace and a.c. service we do each September; find a mail forwarding service in Oregon; call our health insurance and find out how we handle that while we are out of the area; make sure all my email contacts are using for when we no longer have Frontier as our ISP; notify all our important contacts of our new street address (once we get it); find out if my subscription to Taste of Home magazine can be changed over to an electronic version ...  Of course, we don't have a Kindle or other reader to receive that electronic version yet either - must go shopping!

I want to find and purchase some Corelle tableware for our RV.  That melmamine dinnerware I've had in the RV for years won't work in the microwave.  I've been meaning to swap it out for some Corelleware, and now I'm getting serious!  I also want to make sure all my dry baking ingredients are in air tight containers.  I've already made some good progress toward that goal and it makes me happy to see my well-organized pantry in the house!  I have a label maker and label each item too.  Makes me tingle every time I go to get some dry ingredient!  Don't know if you know I try not to purchase bread, choosing to bake it from scratch at home.  I also try to avoid overly processed food (with occasional exceptions).  I'm inconsistent from time to time, but it amazes me how many things have just become a part of our routine.

We don't want our habits to change when we're living in the RV.  Some things will need to change somewhat.  I probably won't be able to make 2 loaves of bread in my Kitchenaid stand mixer, and store the bread slices in the freezer.  Don't know if I'll keep the stand mixer yet.  We won't have that full-size freezer in the garage anymore either.  Instead, I'll be using my bread machine to mix one loaf at a time.  I prefer the shape and size of slices when I bake bread in a regular bread pan, so I'll just mix and bake one loaf at a time.  I do require a functioning oven in the RV.  Believe it or not, that is not how these residential RV's come.  It's an "option" to get a regular RV stove with oven now!  I believe that reflects how many people just don't cook and bake anymore.  We've become more of a "reheat" society, and we think we're providing a home-cooked meal.  Don't get me wrong!  We enjoy a Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza every month or so!  And we go out to eat occasionally.  We try to limit it to not more than once a week though.  It's for health, but also it controls our spending.  We've needed to eat out a bit more during the last couple weeks, and our monthly cash spending money disappeared way to quickly!

I enjoy cooking and baking, so not buying those "quick" items was just a game in the beginning.  Now it's more just a way of life.  We've made homemade salad dressing, pancake syrup, dips, grew our own vegetables, canned and froze produce, made pickles and that kind of thing for quite a few years now.  It's just satisfying.  Steve knows how to make strawberry jam and has helped me a lot with canning and freezing our produce once he retired.  We won't have our own garden anymore, but I think we'll still try as best we can to eat fresh vegetables.  We can visit various farmers markets from time to time and still make small batches of jam for the freezer.  We're hoping to get an extra freezer to store in the "basement" of the RV to help us enjoy that fresh produce while we're out and about.

I can hardly wait ... but will!

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