Sunday, May 27, 2012

Three in One Day – Weddings & Proms & Photo Shoots

Our day doesn’t have to start until 9:00 a.m., which is when Realtors are told they can call us for appointments to show our house.  We’ve started to feel a bit more relaxed after a week of experience, and we dared to stay in our “jammies” this morning.  I mean, even if we get a call at 9:00, they are supposed to give us 3 hours notice before a viewing, so we should be safe.  Right?
Our first call came in at about 9:30 this morning.  He was very pleasant and apologetic, but … could we possibly manage to let him show the house between 10:30 and 11:00?  Naturally I said yes, explaining we do actually want to sell the house.  I view our new job as trying to be available to any reasonable requests for a showing.  We haven't had to turn one down yet!  We had already scheduled another showing at 1:30-2:00 today, so we’d just have the house ready early.  I hung up and we flew into action – dressing, floors, dusting, polishing, etc.  It’s our new routine, and we’re getting good at it!
Parsley on the dash at the library
We grabbed the cat and headed over to the library parking lot.  We decided on a parking space a little further away from the building with a view of a different pond with a water fountain in the middle.  The pond was surrounded by some kind of yellow pond flowers – all in bloom.  It was really very picturesque.  I pulled out my book about some fellow Oregonians who took a year off and traveled around the USA in a small Class B motorhome.  It's taking me a while to get through it - we don't spend a lot of time reading these days - but it’s been great information and very entertaining.  Steve decided he’d enjoy it if I read to him – so I did.
We hadn’t done a lot of reading when a car pulled up next to us.  A man and woman got out.  He began unloading equipment from the trunk.  It appeared to be a flash contraption on a tri-pod, and he carried a fancy camera with a nice zoom lens on it.  We wondered what he’d be taking photos of?  The woman he was with followed him, and it became apparent that she was traipsing across the grass in high heels!  She was clothed somewhat normal for a young attractive woman – jeans, a clingy knit top and those high heels.  I’m hardly one who dresses according to fashion, so who am I to judge?  Perhaps she just likes wearing high heels?

Eventually it became clear that the man would be taking pictures of the young lady!  Since she was hardly dressed for a photo session, in my humble opinion, I speculated that perhaps she would be doing some nude shots?  I mean, you never know what to expect these days!  But no – he took pictures of her, posed in the clothes she was wearing, standing this way and that in front of this beautiful nature backdrop.  A little while later they came back to the car, where he grabbed another piece of equipment and they headed back down.  He set up what appeared to be a pop-up dressing room.  Now, since she didn’t carry down a bag or anything to indicate a clothing change, I was pretty sure my theory involving nudity was a real possibility!  She went into the pop-up room, and came out in the tiniest bikini!  Just 3-4 triangles, best I could tell.  We decided not to watch much after that.  Who says the library is boring?

After reading a while more, we headed back to the house for an hour and a half.  Steve mowed the lawn, I did a little pruning of our smoke tree which has been encroaching on the front walkway.  I’d hate it if a spider climbed on someone as they walked by.  I found a few weeds to clean up and we went inside to take a final quick look around the house and turn back on all the lights.

Back we went to the library with our well traveled cat.  It amazes me that Parsley doesn’t run and hide each time we begin mopping and dusting.  She’s definitely smart enough, so my theory is that she just doesn’t mind going for a ride.

This time, as we drove to our new favorite parking place, a bride and groom were heading down to have some pictures taken!  Fun!  Shortly thereafter, a young woman and young man came walking down the hill in very formal attire.  I thought perhaps they were with the wedding, but no, they were having their pictures taken by a couple - presumably the parents -  down by the water.  Another young couple came a short while later.  Then a nice black limo drove by behind us.  What an active day!  We surmised that it must be prom time.  What nice looking young people..

We got more reading done this time.  The time went a little slower, but we waited until we’d given the Realtors a good 45 minutes and then headed back.  They were gone, and we got our house back.   We had another 45 minutes before we needed to leave again.  Just time enough to turn off all the lights, sit down and check our email, etc.  We got a one very interesting email ...  More on that later – time to head back to the library!

We were sure hoping we wouldn’t have to repeat this 3-showing day again anytime soon.  It gets old.  Our saving grace was having dinner and evening plans with friends.  Since we don’t like the idea of anybody coming to see the house with Parsley there alone, we knew we wouldn’t accept any more showings this evening.  We certainly looked forward to having an evening away from the house.  It wasn’t even our turn to host – all the better!  Though, in hind sight, at least our house is clean!

We got home again around 9:30pm.  So much to think about … but then there’s church in the morning, and a lady coming to purchase our bookcase in the afternoon.  Who knows what tomorrow holds …

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