Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things are Looking Up Again

I sure wish I would get to thinking positive a lot more quickly than I do!  All that whining and complaining about some inspection stuff yesterday, and the day before, seems so petty today ...  I guess I'm only human.  I sure wish I was a bit more Christ-like instead though!  It would've saved me a lot of stress, and Steve would've had a more pleasant wife to live with.  I thank God for a husband who will listen to all my negative thoughts, letting me vent until I find a way to deal with them ... and he still loves me.  I'm married to a saint!  No wonder I love him so much.  He is truly the one person I can absolutely be myself with, while trying hard to be better than myself.   He accepts me unconditionally.  That is a miracle from God himself!

Now it's Saturday and I got a good night's sleep last night.  Those nights are rare these days.  Today just feels more positive altogether.  I'm also looking forward to an evening with friends!  I made a chocolate cake with peanut butter glaze to share.

Friday afternoon, our realtor came by and we discussed how to handle the inspection items.  By then Steve and I had decided we weren't willing to do anything that might cause this house sale to fall through.  We are going to do everything she wants, get it all signed off, and get on with liquidating our belongings.  This is just another little blip in the process of trying to become fulltime RVers.  We'll deal with it and move on.

I began making calls to various contractors, as did Steve.  Steve's waiting for a call back from the roof contractor (we have a 10-year warranty) to fix some cracking roof vent gaskets.  I am expecting to see three contractors on Monday.  One will look into the carpenter ant issue, one will deal with the possible mold & venting issues in the attic, and the last one will handle all the handyman projects we let him have - the attic stair issue, the post in the cement by the gas meter, etc.  I was tickled to death to have found 3 names on Angie's List online and had them all get back to me on the same day!

Have you heard of Angie's List?  It has been a God-send for us over the years.  When they first came to the Portland area we lived at the other house, and there was no end to the projects needing to be done.  It was a free service then, while they began compiling customer reviews on various contractors, etc.  When I went to use them after moving into this house, they became a pay-for service, and I declined until this past year.  It's been worth the $40 or whatever it was for a year of access to proven contractors.

Our carpet cleaner - Jeff Curtis - I found on Angie's list.  He owns his own business, and works out of Tigard.  He does a wonderful job, is very reasonable, and so pleasant to be around.  Angie's List has certain awards which mark the best of the best.  Jeff Curtis received the Page of Happiness Award, or something like that.

All the contractors I called Friday had received Superior Service awards, because of the great reviews they've earned from people just like us who have used them and were pleased with their service.  They are rated on value, punctuality, quality, etc.  If you haven't checked out Angie's List, and have projects you need to hire out - try it!

I am excited to meet with all the various contracters on Monday.  It will really feel like we're accomplishing things, which is so exciting to me.

Today we took a few "treasures" to our neighbors across the street.  I got to visit my brass and white marble bed which is now their guest bed.  It makes me happy to see someone else enjoying it.  We love our neighbors here.  They are reading this blog, and it's always fun to go visit them and realize they already know everything.  What a hoot!

I guess it's time to go pack up some items in my sewing room.  I'm curious to see how many boxes would be needed for the things I expect to be able to take with us.  I don't see how I could live without a sewing machine and serger anymore...

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