Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rolling Right Along!

I love getting things done!  I mean, just making a few phone calls these days feels like an accomplishment.  I'm a list maker - I love my lists for one main reason:  I can check things off and see that I actually finished something!  For instance, I can tell you that today I finally dusted the house.  It was looking pretty nasty.  After living in a "museum quality" home for the whole 9 days it took to sell the house, we both got a bit lazy about our chores.  It felt good not to have to anymore.  However, today I dusted and I feel so much better.

I sold the big picture from the family room today too - to long time friends.  I love knowing my "stuff" has good homes who will enjoy it.

The contractor item completed today was spraying for carpenter ants.  It was easy and done.  We have a receipt that says it's warranted for a year to give to our buyer.  Peace of mind.  We decided to go with a less traditional company called, "Nature First".  For $16 more than the traditional company's bid, we don't have to tell the buyer she needs to repeat every 3 months.  And, it wasn't over treated, which I guess is a tendency (if a little is good, more is better theory?) of traditional pest companies.  I don't actually know any of this first hand, but I feel peace about our choice.

The mold guy came today too.  I have another contractor who will bid on the same thing tomorrow morning, but I suspect we'll go with the first company.  It's one of those things I'll just feel better about if I know we had it done right.  The news wasn't good.  It seems BOTH vent pipes were disconnect from the roof vents.  We had no idea,,.  That means all the moisture inside our house - from the shower also - have been venting into the attic space.  That's why mold was found on the North side.  It's more than the inspection reported, but we're going to have it all taken care of.  We'd do it if we lived here, and I'd never feel good leaving something not handled well for the new owner.  That should all be taken care of next week.

It occurred to me at church Sunday that we will only be here 3 more Sundays, unless we are able to vacate early.  Time is marching on.  We're making good progress, yet there is so much more to do!

I did a lot of packing in my sewing/crafting room today, while Steve was finishing things up with his hobby items.  I'm so surprised and amazed at how few bins his hobbies now fit into.  I truly never thought this day would come.  I suspect there are other things he's not counting - a computer kept "just in case", or that kind of thing.  However, it's still miraculous in my view!

My sewing (minus a sewing machine and serger) appear to be fitting in just 3 bins.  Five pieces of fabric, some interfacing, lots of notions and buttons, and the patterns I truly think I'll use. Knitting and crocheting take 2-3 smaller bins.  Steve says we have room in the "basement" for at least 18 larger bins, so we're doing well.  I have a couple bins of decoration-type items - holiday and seasonal.  I have to do some kind of decorating!  Having special things around makes a house a home in my view.

All our large pictures and mirrors have been removed from the walls to allow for spackling and paint touch up.  Steve's taking care of those details.  It's starting to look more and more like we're moving.  Once the main furniture begins to go, I think things will go quickly.  So far, we have an empty guest bedroom and a few furniture items have been sold but not picked up.  I can't wait to see how things have changed by the end of this week!

In response to our buyer's inquiry, we told our realtor we are still just hoping to close by July 6th.  It still doesn't seem possible that we could be out of here earlier than that.  We're trying, but will just have to see how it goes.

Back to work!

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