Thursday, June 14, 2012

Furniture Sales

It seems like every day is a mixed bag around here -- constant change, and constant unknowns.  However, every so often we have a particularly nice surprise.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was like that. 

I had announced to Steve that I needed to take pictures and get some furniture listed on Craigslist.  We finally feel like we can go ahead and sell the furniture pieces we're living with.  It appears the house sale is going through as planned, and though we don't have to be out until July 6th (about 3 weeks from now), we'd love to be able to surprise our buyer by being out early.  It would be a good thing for us too!  We can't do that without emptying the house.
About the time I finally got to sit down with the computer, intending to write some ads, the phone rang.  It was my friend calling to say they have a son & daughter-in-law in need of furniture.  There were perhaps 3 pieces in particular.  Then she said if one chair was the right green, she might be interested in it for herself.  I was delighted, of course, and went to go take pictures to send them to her with prices.  I'd barely stood up when the phone rang again!  This time it was our realtor, telling me that our "buyer" was interested in purchasing some of our furniture.  I held my breath, thinking certainly she'd want furniture that someone else had already expressed wanting.  Instead, I heard she wants our entire bedroom set (5 pieces) and our kitchen table & chairs!  Sold!  I can't believe we not only don't have to work at selling those pieces, but we also won't need to haul them away either.  It's all heavy furniture.  God is so good.  Even when things don't go perfectly, but yesterday's news was definitely an easy-to-spot, wonderful, good gift.

I've just about completed the sorting, tossing and packing of my sewing and crafting room.  A few pieces of furniture need to be sold from that room also, but at least most the packing is done.  The Goodwill has received many donations from that room.  I'm trying not to think of the amount of money I spent on temporary hobbies over the last 19+ years.  Instead, I try to focus on how happy someone else will be to find inexpensive supplies for their own hobbies at the Goodwill.

We continue to look forward to some peaceful down time in our new motorhome.  God-willing, the day is coming!

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