Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspection Struggles

We got the inspection results at last yesterday.  I'd like to say we read the list of items and declared, "No problem!".  We weren't that mature about it.  I have to admit, I took it personally.  I know that's wrong.  The buyer has hired people to take care of her interests.  I'm just disappointed to the degree she wants her interests cared for.
The list is rather lengthy.  Some dead carpenter ants were found, a piece of siding that's curling at the bottom, some vent seals cracking, a small area in the attic might be mold, they want insulated vents for the laundry and bathroom fans, they want a safety door on the attic access, some pipes aren't wrapped under the house, the dishwasher drain line should be attached to the cabinet up higher under the sink, install an additional carbon monoxide detector, a shrub should be pruned away from the house, etc.  The most irritating request was wanting face plates adjusted on bedroom doors.  Please!  Either we got a really poor inspector when we purchased the house, or the house has definitely gone down hill during our 6 years of living here...

I let Steve react first.  Then when he settled down a bit, I went ahead and had my immature moment.  Then we began to regroup.  We went over and over the list, got some initial ideas on how to proceed, and then decided we'd wait to see what our realtor suggests.

For me, it's just one more area of the system that kind of stinks.  We escaped the appraisal problems that would've arrived had we not received a cash offer.  That's huge!  That would've been really disappointing to deal with.  The rules, as I understand them, are that you can't sell a house based on how much it's worth to the person buying it.  Instead, you have to sell it at a price based on what others in your neighborhood (the comps) sold for.  We had someone down the street go through a foreclosure this past year, and another house was put on the market extremely under-valued.  It sold in 1 day with multiple offers.  It all lowers the value of our home.  But I digress ...

Our buyer is, thankfully, paying cash, which removed us from having to deal with the appraisal business.  But she apparently wants a 1988 house to be like brand new.  We just have to deal with it. 

I think back on the condition of our 1977 home which sold in 2006 at the peak of the market.  If they had purchased that house with the same expectations of this buyer, we would've had to pay them to take it off our hands!  Their expectations, thankfully, were much lower.

I imagine we could tell this buyer no and probably loose the sale...  That would not be good!  We'd loose our motorhome and be starting over selling the house to some degree.  We had two other interested buyers, but perhaps they've made other plans now?  We don't want to go there.

I don't really have a problem with fixing roof gaskets, pruning back a shrub, even checking out mold and carpenter ants is okay.  But indoor bedroom door plates?  They all closed fine.  How could there be a problem?  We played with each door trying to see what they thought the problem was.  Seems 2 of the 3 doors they mentioned could be pushed open after they latched.  We don't know what could be wrong with the third door.  Who tries to open a door without turning the handle?  No wonder we didn't know there was a problem.  Naturally, their inspector tried it.

I sound a bit "whiny" again, don't I?  I think I'm just flashing back to yesterday's immature moment ...

Today we will come up with a plan and just get through it.  We remind ourselves that we only have about a month left before we face new adventures.  We just need to close the book on this one first.

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