Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God is faithful ...

Remember that one contractor we decided not to use, though he'd initially led us to believe he could save us money?  Well, we opted to use other contractors instead and, at current figuring, it looks like we'll end up well ahead of his bid, even using individual specialists.  The mold remediation is complete now, and we have 4 new vents up on the roof.  Every fan gets it's own vent now, and they aren't going to fall back off for the new owner.

Thinking the process of getting a post installed in front of the gas meter might become a time issue, Steve contacted several contractors via email early yesterday evening.  One of those contractors getting back to Steve, just happened to know the right person at NW Natural who can help get this task completed.  This NW Natural guy came out this morning to take a look at the gas meter placement and they agreed we need a safety "bollard" in front of it, and they will take care of it for free!  That was estimated to be about a $500 job, so we are SO thankful.  He is leaving on vacation and wasn't sure how soon it could get done.  Our prayer now is for the task to get done by our required date of June 29th.

All handyman jobs have been completed, and the roofer will be fixing our vent gaskets on the roof before the end of the day today.  How much time do I waste worrying each day unnecessarily?  God continues to bless us each and every day -   often through difficulties - yet He brings us through those difficulties too!  How cool is that?

I've begun packing up our Winter clothes, in those space bags that you vacuum the air out of?  Too cool.  I have most all our Winter clothing in one large container, all ready to store in the basement of the motorhome.  It feels like we are really going to do this!

We just got another call from NW Natural.  Seems the installer is on his way over right now to take a look.  Perhaps worrying about the time frame there won't be worth the trouble either?  All this is happening because some guy knows some other guy.  Almost like it's all being orchestrated outside of our own abilities, hum?   God loves to give his children good gifts and we are being greatly gifted.

For you non-believers who think this sounds a little "wack-o", trust me, it's real!  There is a God who loves us and even cares for our routine boring needs.  That's a God I am proud to follow.  Life isn't always great, in fact sometimes it's downright awful.  But I have faith that because I love God even all those awful things will work out for good one day.  I struggle with that sometimes.  I still don't know why we had to live through an awful day which resulted in our dear cat, Rosemary, dying in the back of our car in an awful way, on the way home from the vet.  But I will always believe God had a purpose even in that awful day.  That doesn't mean I don't cry over the memory often, but it doesn't shake my faith either.  Without my faith, what hope do I have?

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