Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The way God leads us ...

It's Thursday, July 19th.  We enjoyed a lovely visit from Steve's brother, Charlie, who drove down from Hillsboro to come and see us and our new home before we leave the area.  It's so appreciated when company comes!  It gives us a "mental break" from trying to get settled into our home.  It really does help us almost "reset" our brains.

Prior to Chuck's visit, Steve and I were once again trying to get some plans in place as to where we go from here.  We HAVE to leave this RV Park on Monday, the 23rd.  We've checked - we simply cannot stay after that date.  That's 4 more nights and then we have no place to go!  Sure, we have things in the works, but no firm plans as of yet.  I've been asking God to please show us where we are to go, and yet it just hasn't been made clear yet.

During Chuck's visit, I checked my email.  I do that on auto-pilot.  There was the usual spam, and ... an email from Wallowa Lake State Park's host coordinator!  She confirmed our positions there for September and October, and said if we acted quickly, she could get us in for August.  We were so excited to get a confirmation!  I'm really looking forward to spending some time in that beautiful area, with all the wildlife.  However, even if we took the August opening, we still have nowhere to go to in 4 days....

Chuck left around 5pm, and Steve said it was really sinking in that we need to leave here in just a few days.  He decided to call Devil's Lake State Park again, as they had a July and August opening for a host.  The ranger won't be back until tomorrow afternoon!  Now what?  Do we keep waiting?  I said I would call again and check in at Champoeg.  That ranger was already gone for the day.  I decided I'd call him first thing in the morning.  Still, that position would be a possibility for August, not for the end of July...

We began to heat up our leftover clam chowder from last night's dinner, and grabbed the rest of the salad from the refrigerator.  That's when I remembered we had considered going up to visit family in Tacoma a couple days ago.  We'd hunted for some reasonable RV Parks in the area and were disappointed.  We eventually thought perhaps we could stay in Centralia at an RV Park we'd been to before.  At least we'd be within an hour of a few visits with Steve's family.  We haven't been able to visit them for some time now, and it seemed like this might be the time.  Somehow, we'd dropped the ball on that idea.  Time to pick it back up!

I suggested Steve call that park and find out if they had any openings.  If they didn't, we'd know we need to keep looking.  We were surprised when they answered the phone!  So many RV Park offices close early, it seems.  I was praying that if God wanted us to go up to visit the rest of our family, there would be an opening. Yes!!  They had an opening for us on Monday through he rest of the month!  Relief!

For me that was confirmation that we already knew what we ought to do -- go visit famly.  We just got hung up on the details.  It felt so good to finally know where we would go on Monday!

Then came God's little extra special something!  Steve decided to call his sister and let her know of our plans to be up that direction.  He said, just perhaps, his cousin, Steve Bang, might be in the area.  They are full time RVers also, in a 45 foot deluxe motorhome.  Steve's been in contact with them for a while now, and knew they were back in the Pacific NW somewhere after Wintering down south.  I suggested he ask his sister about a possible visit with them before contacting his cousin, since our priority was to visit with his sister and father.  I didn't want our limited time used up without having adequate time with his Sister and Father.  Judy said she'd love to be able to see their cousin.

Steve called his cousin Steve.  (I know.  Why so many Steve's in a single family?  I guess it's just a great name.)  To Steve's surprise, his cousin answered the phone.  When cousin Steve learned we were planning to stay in Centralia, he said we ought to join them at the RV Park they are staying at in Shelton, Washington?  He said there was going to be an opening in a few days right next to them!  He said if we had any problem getting the space to call him, as the park really likes them.  My Steve said, "You mean I can say I know somebody?"  Steve said he'd be renaming his cousin to "his favorite cousin, Steve!" 

We'll be even closer to Tacoma, and our other Tacoma family will get to see their cousin also!  I'm really looking forward to this time.  I'm looking forward to focusing a bit more on something other than getting settled.  I'm looking forward to just living in our Moby Homa.

Today, Sunday, we went through the slide out storage tray in the basement again.  This time I showed no mercy.  I was tossing things for the Goodwill right and left.  It was definitely a day clothed in reality, which made picking what to keep and what to lose somewhat easy.  By the time we finished, we had found a place for every bit of the car load we'd brought back from my parents, accept for a few small bins inside.  Progress!  We're ready to move on to something a bit more "settled".

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