Monday, July 2, 2012

Saturday, June 30 - Almost Ready to Move

We’re taking a a big of a break from moving.  Steve’s catching a nap and I’m catching some solitude and a break for my back muscles.  It’s been hard work, but we’re getting to the end of the “stuff” from our house.

I got an especially early start this morning – about 3:45 was when I woke to a Robin happily singing away outside our 5th wheel trailer.  It’s amazing how early it gets light in the mornings now!  I had waked one other time during the earlier hours of the night, when I discovered the bag of ice I had on my back had leaked!  At least it was nice and cool – a nice thing since it was rather a mild, humid night.  We went to bed early – and we both went right to sleep.  Funny how hard work seems to improve our ability to fall asleep!

I’m enjoying being out in the trailer.  We don’t have things very settled, but it’s good to actually get away from the area where the work is – the house.  It really does feel like we’re camping.  I’ve got a whole new window into our neighborhood.  I even saw the paper delivery lady.  I don’t know when that last happened!

Being early, I opened the garage door with the opener which is now inside the trailer with us.  Then I slipped unseen in my bathrobe to go get one last shower in our nice spacious “stick house” shower stall.  Ah!  I have to say, I will probably miss that shower perhaps most of all.  I guess my full-size oven and gas range would be my next projected missed items.  But I’ll remind myself of the simplicity we’re moving to.  Our “big” shower in the motorhome is much smaller – and less to clean!  I’ll get used to it, and will make the most of my smaller propane stove and combination micro-convection oven.  I do enjoy the challenge of mastering and making the most of what I’ve got.  Just no more 20 lb turkeys at Thanksgiving!  I’m anxious to have time to try baking bread in that oven.  I know there will be a trick to it, but I’m hoping I can get a reasonable result, given time.

When Steve wakes up from his nap, I think we’ll be able to finish packing the last of the items from the house.  I’m amazed how little we’ve actually been able to fit into our current 5th wheel.  It feels that as much as we down-sized, so little can be stored with us in the trailer.  Again I am thankful my parents have loaned us one side of their 2-car garage.  It’s almost full.  My sister & brother-in-law took our upright freezer from the garage and are thankfully storing part of my freezer items in the bottom bin.  I had no idea I still had so much left in my freezer, after working hard to use up as much as I possibly could over the past several weeks.  Another portion of my frozen goods are in the bottom of my Mom’s freezer!  Guess I’m going to have to be disciplined in using up what we have.  We’re hoping to get some more freezer space for the “basement” of the motorhome -- Yet another project for the near future – finding a freezer(s).

I’m so excited to move into our new home!  It will probably take me a long time to truly get settled, but I can’t wait to begin.

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