Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2 - How perfect can it be?

I feel like I am a "Monaco sandwich"!  I'm sitting in our 5th wheel trailer at the Old Stone Village RV Park in McMinnville, Oregon.  It's almost 1:30 in the afternoon, and I'm alone with the cat in the almost peaceful park.  It was very quiet until two large Monaco Diesel-pushers arrived and backed into their sites on either side of us.  All that diesel power makes a bit of a racket!  It's hard to believe we will be parking something similar to those beasts in only a few more days!

It was another long day yesterday, and we didn't arrive at the park until between 6:00 - 6:30pm.  We got the trailer backed in - Steve did a great job, as always.  Parsley and I drove down in the Buick Rendezvous, with Steve following us in the truck with the 5th wheel.  We decided to take the "scenic route" here, via Hwy 219, through the Scholls community and over Chehalem Mountain, coming out at the west end of Newberg.  We've driven this road pulling the 5th wheel before.  There are some tight corners, but it's such a nice thing to be away from the traffic of the main highways, while being able to drive slowly through the curves without causing anyone any real stress.  Since Steve was following me over the route, he could assume anyone driving behind him would think it was I holding the reduced speed.  It was a little strange watching him follow me through those curves.  I've always been next to him in the past!

I was so happy to be here!  I slept better and longer than I have in quite a while.  The night got much cooler than it has been.  I woke up around 2 a.m. with a very cold foot that had been sticking out of the covers when I fell asleep with the cat sleeping in my lap.  I inadvertently woke Steve trying to pull the covers back up, and he kindly got us an extra blanket too.  Ah!  I fell right back to sleep and didn't wake again until I heard Steve getting into the shower just after 7:30.  Bless him for letting me sleep!

Steve left here about 8:00, after eating a quick breakfast, to go back and tie things up at the house.  He was to be there by 10:00 when some movers were to arrive to pick up the big TV cabinet from our family room for our realtor and her husband.  He said they were already there when he arrived about a half hour early!  They got the cabinet out of there without a hitch.  When we bought it, we said we'd be leaving it with the house when we sold, as it was too big and too heavy to ever move it again.  We are thankful many times over that our realtor spotted it and wanted it even before we signed with her.  It got a very good home.  Barbara told me later today on the phone that the movers had a much harder time getting it set up in their home.  She said it took 3-4 tries before they were able to lift the top piece on top of its base.  They said it was the heaviest entertainment center they'd ever moved!

The purpose of me staying back at the trailer today was to give my poor back a rest.  It's been pretty miserable for the past week, and yet God got me through it.  By late afternoon most days, I'd have reached the breaking point, sometimes to the point of tears.  A good cry always makes me feel better.  Once I'd slowly get going in the morning, my muscles would relax and eventually I'd be able to move fairly well, until afternoon again.  A couple naproxim sodium took the edge off during the day.

Yesterday, Sunday, I managed to clean both refrigerators at the house for their new owner.  There's something about a dirty refrigerator that I just couldn't leave for the woman who graciously agreed to give the house a good cleaning for me.  We used her to clean our Beaverton house when we sold it back in 2006.  I just think it's important to leave a well-cleaned home for the next owner.  I always think I'll do it myself, but it hasn't happened yet.  In 2006, when we moved into our Hillsboro home, we didn't sell the Beaverton house until moving day.  It was too much to move into the new house and clean the old one at the same time!  This time my back kept me from trying to do it all myself.  I was very determined, however, to clean those refrigerators!  It was tough, but when I finished I felt so good knowing no one else would face that mess.  You know how things leak and liquid squeezes into every tiny little crack?  Nasty!

While I was supposed to be resting this morning after Steve left, I realized it was a good thing I was here.  My cell phone just kept ringing.  I had a nice chat with my brother.  I could (and sometimes do) talk with him for hours.  With our Verizon-to-Verizon deal, it's a free call for both of us!  I needed to call our realtor about a couple things, call our saleman and Camping World to check on some things, call a contractor about some missing paperwork, etc.  There are so many details that all needed to come together...

I am happy to report that many things fell into place!  We're going to sign papers on our house sale tomorrow afternoon before the walk-through.  We just need to leave the keys on the table by 5pm on Friday.  Camping World assures us our motorhome will be ready whenever we are, and that we can go in and sign papers ahead, to shorten the day when we'll be learning about, moving into, and driving away with the motorhome.  My Steve (versus salesman Steven) needs to go in and decide and learn about satellite service for the motorhome this week - something he will really enjoy doing.  The contractor with the missing paperwork is back from vacation now and is emailing me all the documentation I need.  Consignment NW called and is picking up the last of our furniture tomorrow morning!  That's the biggest thing.  We didn't know if we'd be waiting for that furniture to be moved as late as next Friday, hours before we let go of the house.

I don't say it often enough:  God is so good to us!  Seriously!  Time after time we have seen things fall together.  Things where we had little or no control effortlessly just seem to fall into place.  We don't know why we are so blessed.  We are not "super Christians".  Just people who are trying to follow Jesus' example.  I guess it's all undeserved, which is exactly the point.  Our heavenly Father loves to give his children good gifts.  We've received, and are receiving, many.

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